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Monday, May 14

3:55 pm – 5:30 pm - Room R2-01

Jobs for Economists (1): "The non-academic market for economists"

The non-academic market offers many opportunities for young economists, but they are sometimes unaware of them, especially since the profiles on demand are moving over time. The objective of this session is to offer a broad view of the market by listening to several economists who have responsibilities and experience in micro, macro, finance and energy. The speakers will also provide advice to the audience on how to look for a job outside academia, what are the skills required, what are the available careers, how to get prepared for an interview.


Laurence Boone (Axa-IM)

Laurent Eymard (MAPP)

Eric Labaye (McKinsey)

Mathilde Mesnard (OECD)

Jean-Eudes Moncomble (Conseil Français de l’Énergie)

Moderator: Remy Lecat (Banque de France)


Tuesday, May 15

4:20 pm – 6:00 pm - Room R2-01

Jobs for Economists (2): "The job interview"


Martine Durand (OECD)

Laurent Ferrara (Banque de France)

Florence Legros (ICN Nancy)

Anne Morcillo (Banque de France)

Moderator: Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio (GATE Lyon Saint Etienne)

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